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Russian Blue

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(Seal Point)

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Todays OSH

Sometimes referred to as a Siamese with designer genes,
the Oriental Short-hair (OSH)
is accepted in a myriad of colours and patterns,
so many that breeders usually specialize in only a few favourites.
You'll be able to find the OSH of your dreams faster
if you're flexible regarding colour, pattern or gender.

Todays Oriental Shorthair was not originally
a direct import from Thailand,
but rather a Siamese hybrid.
Although cats of different colours were also in Siam in the early years of the Traditional Siamese,
& the Siamese coat & colour must have derived from these cats.
The new breeds creation was deliberate and planned in the 1950s.
British breeders started crossing Siamese cats
with domestic shorthairs and Russian Blues
developing the breed of today.
Breeders wanted a cat very similar to the Siamese in personality
but in a wider range of colours and patterns.
In those days some people were not fond of the Siamese colour point pattern &
preferred a more normal solid colour,
but still wanted the wonderful intelligence
& dog like personality of the Siamese.
The Oriental Shorthair comes in every kitty colour
you've ever imagined,
and likely some you haven't.
As the breed standard says,
the Orientals reason for being is the coat colour.
The breed is essentially a Siamese not confined to the colour-point pattern & colours.
The coat is short & sleek, eyes are not crossed, and can be
blue, green, teal, or odd-eyed.
An OSH is a wonderful, loving breed & may well be the cat your family has been waiting for!